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Default Re: If the Ravens win the SB then I'll....

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post
Yeah, I, too, thought that the Ravens played like crap most of the season (especially down the stretch).

However, they outplayed the Broncos and the Pats when it mattered and without question (injuries or not). Mad props for doing so.

In most cases the injury excuse just seems lame or lazy. You either win or you don't.

Maybe the Steelers could have won a game or two more with a few key healthy players, but they still could have without. It's a teams fault for not executing, with or without a player or players.

It's not common, but you gotta give it up to a team when it does happen.
If they hadn't lost Ben, they probably get into the playoffs and from there you never know.

As for the Ravens, I heard Reed, Ngata, Lewis, and Suggs were all on the field together for the first time this year in the Colts game. That, and Bryant McKinnie, are probably the biggest reasons we are still playing.
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