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Default Re: Lebeau Defenses not Championship Defenses

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
Harrison play wasn't because of a great play call by dick or scheme but the opposite it was caused by a great play with very good instincts. He was supposed to rush that play but instead checked himself out of that and drop back to cover the slant. And that great player will be gone this year or next.
Get your facts straight... the play is designed for Harrison to read and make the call on his own. He made the right call. Which brings up another point... that play never happens if we were playing a 4-3.

It's really laughable that people are blaming the defense for lack of success...not only that but giving credit to the offense when we did have success....

Does anyone even realize that we've had more success then probably 30 other teams in the league the past 10 years? And during those 10 years it was DL's defense that kept us competitive and carried us.

As for Ben's wonderful ability to get it done late in the 4th quarter... yea that was great when he did it.... but that still says nothing to the fact that our Ben lead offenses for the most part have struggled to score points at a rate any higher then the league average.

I love Ben's toughness and I credit him for his great play when the games on the line (usually in a 17 to 13 kinda game.) but you win by scoring points... who's at fault when you lose a game 13-10? or 20-14 ? How often does our offense score more then 21 points? How often does our defense hold the opponents to under 21 points? I'm sure if you look at the last 10 years it's not even close. It's no secret the defense is and has been for some time, the back bone of this team.

BTW Ben lost his magic this past season with the game on the line. Did he pull out a single game we should have lost this season? I don't recall Ben stepping up this season and winning games for us... if he did I'm sure it was very early in the season.
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