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Default Re: Keenan Lewis Worth 8 Million a Year?

Keenan might leave us if someone pays the "big bucks". In my mind, he is not worth more than $5 million a year. That would still be a nice big payday for him and he may take it to play for us (especially with Carnell Lake's coaching) instead of going elsewhere. I said the day Cortez Allen was drafted:

"4) Cortez Allen - Excellent value with raw talent that hasn't yet been trained. His history says football hasn't been the top focus as far as time in his life (Due to his college). With Steelers coaching and a good work ethic, he could become THE shut down corner in a few years. He also has much softer hands than Ike."
04-30-2011, 06:13 PM Consensus: worst draft in AFCN

He is the eventual replacement for Ike, not Keenan.
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