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Cool Re: Worst Steeler Team I've ever seen

Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
I'm sorry guys but I have to say it, this year I saw the worst steelers team I've ever seen in my life and I have been and avid steelers fan for about 14 years (im 24) so I don't really remember some of the teams from the 90's that well but this was the worst steelers team I have ever seen. A lackluster defense, no big play makers, once again, injuries plagued the team which is becoming more "the norm" that an occasional rash. The offence didn't scare anyone, we have a pathetic run game, our receivers under-preformed, and we clearly did not have depth at any position. *sigh* just had to get that off my chest. (draft a RB in the first round!)
You just spazzed out on our Team, yeah we have issues with our team, but that doesn't mean we won't fix it in a year or two because we're the Pittsburgh Steelers and on the rare occasion when something is bringing us down, we'll get right back on up and strive off the need to do better, be better, and perform at an all time high level that only the Steelers can achieve!!!!

Let's Go Steelers! Time to rebuild and get back to the Steelers Way of Football in 2013 & Beyond!
My Steelers 2013 Mock Draft:

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