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Default Offense or defense this draft?

I could see them going either way. The defense is old and expensive. If LeBeau is staying, and it appears that he is, the 3-4 talent going forward is less than ideal. Who is the NT if Hampton doesn't return? McClendon is a better pass rusher, but not good against the run. Ta'amu hasn't played a snap. Who plays weak side OLB if James is cut for salary reasons? Worilds? Big step down. Troy and Clark are getting up there, Foote is a mediocre at best LB, and we may be losing Keenan Lewis.

I could easily see a defense heavy draft to re-build this unit, but again, if LeBeau is back, we won't get any returns for 2, 3, maybe 4 years out of draft picks.

On the other side of the ball, we don't have a starting running back under contract and our deep threat WR is leaving. We're losing our two most reliable (health wise) OL in Starks and Foster, most likely, though we should be solid on the OL if (big if) injuries don't bite again.

Ben has five years left, max, probably less the way he gets battered. I'd rather see the team go all in on offense, drafting one of the Tennessee WRs in the first round and a stud RB in the 2nd. Trade up or down if you have to, but WRs and RBs can contribute much more quickly and the Steelers need to maximize this remaining time they have with Ben.

If the defense slips to a 10th ranked unit, so be it, the goal is to get the offense up into the top 10.
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