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Default Re: Fire Todd Haley!!!!!

Fire Haley??? While I agree that the Offense was somewhat "boring in 2012" Big Ben was on his way towards his best season before getting hurt. Sitting out for 3 stright games will kill anyones progress. There are many changes that need to take place this year, which one(s) will help only time will tell... I agree in a way that the Offense needed to change from the gun slinger offense. Big Ben would not last another season without a more protective offense. Alot of that is on Big Ben himself (hold the ball to long) and I think the Haley offence would build more around Big Bens ability to read a D and make more plays with his mind and not his running around the field like a wildman. While that worked in the past it will tend to age your QB faster. I just don't think Wallace (with no training camp) adjusted to fit in with the Haley offense. Do we need the deep ball plays, of course every team has that need. But we need the other 20 passing plays to move the field. As for the running game, well that never really took off because of the constant " who will start" and how long will they last before getting hurt. D-line, while it is older when compared to the entire league, it WAS still #1 overall. Don't fix what is not broken. Not saying it does not need to be adjusted but the foundation it present!!!!

I don't follow the O-line so I can't really comment..... But it sure did not seem to help with the running game when the Defense is attacking the running back before he can get a head of steam under him.

I say keep Haley, But build in a few more 20 -25 yard passes and lose a few 5 yard dumps... Heath Miller had a pro bowl year finally because he was getting the 10 yd passes the steelers never had before.

Wallace, well.... Steelers have always build team around players that could contribute in more that just one way and well Wallace at this point can only do one or two tricks.

While 2012 was not in anyway like the last couple seasons, I think the idea was sound but they were trying to put in a entire new offense and some players just could not adjust.
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