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Default Re: Got to root for Ravens over Niners

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I got to breathe or die, I dont't got to root for the Ravens. I hate the Ravens, the Raven Players, the Raven coaches, the Raven Fans, and the Raven loving media. I am a hater, a hater of anything Raven, I hate Raven Symone, Raven haired swim suit models. I hope the 49ers beat them the worst any team has ever been beat in a SB. I hope Ray Lewis is stabbed in the tunnel by the families of his victims and they get a deal to beat the rap while exalting the Lord almighty in a way most convincing.
Maybe Steelers Fever Moderators and Admins can make a suggestion on what shots to down, or what medication to take for a SB pairing such as this - I usually get excited to watch the SB, no matter who is in it. It would be different if someone else was in over our hated rivals, or if they were in, but they were going up against the Falcons. To have the NFC equivalents of the Ravens and my 2nd least favorite coach go up against my most hated team - this is a BAD SB - and, honestly - I will watch it - but won't be paying close attention like I normally do - probably because of the beer and wings

All that said, let's at least keep 1 thing clear - we'll get to see 2 Harbaughs crying and whining - which is good joking material - AND 1 of them will go home heartbroken, while the other knows they had to beat their brother to do it. Seems poetic for a couple of whiners to me.
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