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Default Re: Offense or defense this draft?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
The Steelers tried building around Ben. They really did. They drafted Mendenhall, Sweed, Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders in back to back years. You are 4 years late to the Steelers mindset.

The new Steelers mindset is "The Steelers have to build on the OL and DL and win the game in the trenches, establish a running game, and get back to fundamentals because Ben is not the superstar we thought he was and we can't score much more than 21 points a game in any season."

Roethlisberger had Ward, Holmes and Miller in their primes in 2009, plus a brilliant rookie contribution from Wallace and the Steelers only scored 23 points per game. Mendenhall had a 4.6 ypc that year as well. There are no offensive players in this draft that are going to make the Steelers offense dominant. The Steelers will never have more talent on offense than they did in 2009.

The Steelers need to address the defense because Harrison, Polamalu and Hampton are the players who have made the defense exceptional and who need to be replaced with competent players. The likelihood of finding 3 players as good is slim to none. The Steelers defense will slide and maybe past 10th when these players are gone even with viable replacements.
Talk about a ben hater. The steelers didnt draft to put talent around Ben, they did that one draft with Mendy and Sweed. Other than that it was 3rd and lower draft picks. hit or miss.

if our defense is so great as you think they are...23 is more than enough no?
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