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Default Plax is going, going, ...

Since we didn't franchise him, then he will become a free agent. Someone will pay(BAL?) for him, but do we just stay happy with Randle El? I have two theories.

One, we will be fine because we are only throwing the ball 25 times a game. Why pay for someone who has only caught four-five balls a game on average. Give El a chance to be a game breaker despite his size and save the money. Hand off to Duce and dump off to the TE's(maybe a new one in the draft) to control the clock again.

Second, we are in for a long year. Say Bettis decides to retire leaving us Duce(injuries w/35-40 carries a game)?), and Haynes(FA??) as tested players. No serious deep threat allows teams to not stack the line per say, but use the nickel LB set that NE exposed us on to show that we are one dimentional. Just like when teams used the spread offense to consistently beat us, teams will use a mix of extra LBs to stuff the run while providing enough zone coverage to negate the pass and still confuse Ben.

I am leaning toward the we still need balance theory of a deep threat. We have not gotten the Super Bowl win by running alone. And when we tried just passing with Tommy we were not that hot. I am waiting for traditional PIT free agency to provide us a band aid player(Mathis like?) while we pick a rookie from a deep WR draft. Plus Mays has shown some sparkle last year, but could he progress a little faster?
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