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Default Re: 2004/05 Playoffs...A wonderful look back

WM you are a complete idiot and Bengal fans like you give them all a bad rep.
Hmmm...Sound's like someone needed to tell big ben what the playoffs are all about..they are far from a regular game. Rookie retardedness.
At least the Steelers know what the playoffs are all about...can't say the same about the are sitting here talking crap to us coming off consecutive 8-8 seasons. You guys were swept by us, your stadium was overtaken by Steeler fans (just like every year when the Steelers are in town), you finished 8-8, and once again NO playoffs...LIFE MUST BE GREAT, HUH??? I don't mind a little smack talk, but you are just a complete moron, and I have given you the benefint of the doubt...but you have not posted one thing yet that is backed up by facts and/or makes anyone think you have any idea about what you're talking about. Atleast the other Bengal fans from the Lair...seem to know about football and know when and where to start talking smack!!!!
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