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Default Re: Worst. Super Bowl. EVER.

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
What is wrong with the 49ers? I think they are a really exciting team. What their QB is doing is very impressive. That show Kaepernick put on against the Packers was awesome. The 49ers have a good running game...good defense... playmakers on both sides of the ball. I think they definitely deserve to be in...and I'd say they are the best team in the league this year.

The Ravens on the other hand are not a superbowl caliber team IMO. I think they got a little lucky with the matchups...and played consistent defense.... they don't make many mistakes. But their QB is weak... their defense is not dominant's really good but not historic by any sense of the word... their offense is boring. .
Couldn't disagree more. Flacco has something like 15 TD and 3 INT in the last two playoffs. He's stepped up big time and out gunned both Manning and Brady. The defense is healthy and playing better. Who else deserves it? The two teams they beat on the road don't. Houston? Cincy? Indy? And what's boring about a dynamic running back and a QB who throws the ball all over the park? Boring, to me, was watching last year's Pats/Giants slap fight, only topped by the horrible Indy/New Orleans Super Bowl. Nothing but five yard outs and crossers all game long.

That said, I think the Niners beat them by double digits. That team is loaded. People are worried about them getting to six, I hope they keep it under nine the next few years so it's in reach.
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