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Default Re: Offense or defense this draft?

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Speaking of defense, would anyone besides me risk a 3rd or 4th round pick on this guy if he's available? Our safeties are long in the tooth with no replacements on the roster. He would have been a first rounder if not for the ganja issues.
6th round, if he's still there. He's apparently a huge prick to deal with off the field too. Something tells me that wouldn't fly with guys like Taylor, Woodley, Timmons, etc. and he might get isolated within the team pretty quickly.

He's also a huge liability in man-coverage and can't effectively get to the Quarterback or stop the run, so he'd only be used in specific packages. His stock back when he was a first rounder was purely hype-based. He's not a good CB and would have to be shifted to Safety if he were to play for us. That, and he's only 5'9 which makes him small and ineffective to blitz. I see more negatives than positives with taking him at this point. He needs a good agent and PR guy to repair the damage that has been done, but I don't know if he can fix the glaring holes in his game.
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