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Default Re: Worst. Super Bowl. EVER.

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
Anyone saying this game is evenly matched has no clue. The 49ers are far better in every aspect of the game than the Rats. The only way Lewis wins another trophy (he is the only player on the team you know according to all the prognosticators) is if the refs are paid off and call a lot of penalties on the 49ers. No way the Ratbirds are anywhere close to being even with the 9ers. Who cares if the 49ers get to 6? If that doesn't light a fire under the Steelers' butts, nothing will. The 49ers will be good for a lot of years to come. We better be ready to play or they will also be the first team to 7 SB wins.
Yeah well ... plenty of folks said that going into Denver on 6 days rest, then they said the same thing about going into NE.
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