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Default Re: Worst Steeler Team I've ever seen

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
To add to your already awesome post.

The Steelers have been to fifteen championship games... the most in the NFL. The Steelers have six Lombardis... the most in the NFL. The Steelers have the most wins by a franchise since 1970... except for the Dolphins. And, lastly, just this past season, the Steelers were 6-3 and one of the front-runners to win the SuperBowl (before BB's injury).

So, to be disappointed with this season speaks volumes to just how effing SPOILED Steelers fans can be.

My brother-in-law & I drive our wives nuts, when we complain about losing play-off games... because, our wives are Chargers fans, and most years, all that they want is to even make the play-offs (winning a SuperBowl is not even on their radar). So, again, Steelers fans are a spolied bunch... but, that might be why the team is so successful: a great season to a Chargers fan is "the worst season ever" to a Steelers fan.

Anyway... I like Cold Stone better than Dairy Queen.
I think it's okay to be disappointed with this season. On the other hand, I do agree with you and him that it does speak volumes about us but then again, I do think it goes with the territory, we have as you said been to 15 championship games and won 6 SBs. So, I think expectations go up with that. On the other hand, I look at the local Redskins who have a pretty decent tradition and they just hosted their first playoff game since 1999 this season. As for the ice cream, I'm a Baskin Robbins guy but ice cream is ice cream, you're bound to get something good wherever you go.
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