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Default Re: Worst Steeler Team I've ever seen

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Sure you've been watching for 14 years?

2003 : 6-10 (the failed Tommy-Gun experiment)

"Lackluster" defense ranked #1.....again (just like in 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012)

That would be a fatal knee-jerk reaction, considering that we already have a legit #1 RB on our roster (even though he was benched for a petty personallity conflict with the coaches) and we need to draft early at....nearly every position right now.

Piss-poor thread. Can't you do a better job living up to your namesake, BlazeQUIETLY?
Yeah lackluster defense, can't force turnovers #1 ranking is very misleading.
and are you F*cking kidding me about Mendenhall? yeah the majority of my post is whiny bullshit and I'm spoiled and maybe didnt pay attention to every team in the last 14 years, unlike some people I've had a pretty busy life, can't spend all my time watching football, but Mendenhall is a FAILED EXPERIMENT anyone who thinks he is a #1 running back is delusional, he blows.
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