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Default Re: Free Safety/Returners

No worries, Ryan Clark will be an excellent Free Safety. I don't understand why anyone should be concerned with the free agency loss of Chris Hope. I mean the dude only made plays in a few games. No one is going to convince me that Hope was some kind of baller. I watched all of the games and as I've said, he only made plays in a few games. A lot of people say that he was "solid" at the position but I raise this question. Was he really that solid or did the coaching staff do a pretty good job of protecting his side of the field? I just don't consider him to be a loss and he's certainly not worth the money that he's going to be paid, at least not worth it to the Steelers. He's forgotten in my mind. The Steelers organization will not waste that kind of money on moderately-talented players or players classified as being "solid". Heck you can pick up a solid player for league minimum salary. Let's all move on and support Ryan Clark.
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