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Default Re: Hines Ward sucks!!!

Worst team ever!!!

Obviously not, but the 2012 Steelers left a lot to be desired.

Dick BeLeau's defense is not even average; it's bad!!!

Not so much "bad" as stale and static.

I am embarrassed by The Rooneys!!!

"Disappointed" would be a better word. The Rooney's know what a good football team requires but haven't done much to raise the bar past "average".

The Ravens now own the Steelers!!!

Maybe "own" is premature but they're certainly "better than" and without much more in the way of overall talent either.

Aqib Talib or Pac-Man Jones is the answer!!!

The operative word in this is "the" and it's probably the biggest obstacle we face. No single person or concept is going to take us from average to championship and the sooner we realize that, the better.

The 4-3 is on its way!!!

Again a reference to the "either/or" mentality.
The game has moved far beyond the singularity of "We're a (running, passing, defensive) team". A good team needs to be many things at various times and a "4-3" (or 3-4 or 46) or any number of other defensive schemes may be part of it but cannot be the whole of it.

It's the 21st Century, not the day after they switched to plastic helmets and the notion of a team being any single thing is about as archaic as the leather helmets that plastic replaced.
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