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Default Re: big ben being over looked

Originally Posted by WWIIOwheelz
I won the best league I've ever been a part of last year, am so proud! 8]

FF is an absolute blast, and it makes you enjoy the sport as a whole much, much more. You follow all the teams, are helpless to avoid it. You are watching the stat tracker from 1PM Sunday until late Monday night, literally.

The other guys here are right, great fantasy football QBs aren't the best as far as team effort. It's not about individual effort on Sunday, but the Steelers know that very well. Ben, however, is a good 2nd fantasy QB in that he makes very, very few bad decisions.
I really hate when people attempt to rank NFL players from a Fantasy Football point of view but I do agree with this post. When I participated in the Fantasy Leagues I watched more football than I've ever watched in my life. I watched teams that I could never imagine watching i.e...Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders etc. It seems as though you have a reason to watch just about every game. It's the only way to get your monies worth from NFL Sunday Ticket.
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