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Default Re: Hines Ward sucks!!!

Come on people, stop being negative. To be completely honest I think we should keep the team we have right now. Re-sign Mike Wallace, I don't care how much money he wants, he is so fast, just get him the ball and he will score, Emanual Saunders, had kind of a bad year, but it was a complete fluke when he fumbled the ball with an open 65 yards in front of him, keep him he will be money next year. Re sign all of our running backs and just rotate them in and out of games, we probably wont even need Redman Dwyer or Batch, because Mendenhall is going to rush for 2000 yards in 2013, he only had a bad year because of a fluke injury and Tomlin doesn't like him. Our defense is just fine to, who cares if we never forced any turn overs in 2012? turn overs are just luck, sometimes the ball bounces into our hands, sometimes it doesn't, Troy will have a big comeback season in 2013 and have 7 sacks and 10 interceptions. We don't even need a draft. Why all this panic?
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