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Default Bronco's loss to Baltimore

Thinking back, Why the hell didnt the Broncos try running a play or 2 with 31 seconds left and a tied game in the fourth quarter? Peyton Manning is their quarter back for christ sake. They go into over time, lose the coin toss, and give the AFC to the Ravens? What kind of crap is that. Been meaning to get that off my chest. I'm pretty sure they had 2-3 time outs left. 31 seconds, 2 time outs and peyton manning is plenty of time to kick a game winning field goal. Bad coaching decision. If I remember correctly they didnt exactly have horrible field position either, why take a knee and assume overtime is going to treat you nicely??? I guess this is a Rhetorical question I lost 30 dollars on that game though so it still burns my ass.
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