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Default Re: Ravens front office overtakes Steelers

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Spence reminds me a lot fo Hines Ward (but playing ILB).

Not the fastest; not the most athletic; not the biggest... but, he just "makes the play."

Spence rarely takes a wrong step. His angles of pursuit are excellent. Thus, he does not need to be the fastest, because he's already a step ahead of everyone else. (If one takes a step in the wrong direction, then one is already two steps behind.)

If you watch him, when the ball is snapped, he is almost already moving towards the tackle; he diagnoses that fast. His smarts set him apart. And, again, a step in the right direction puts him ahead of everyone else.

He is like Zach Thomas... only way better in pass coverage... and, well, just better in a lot of ways.

I had him pegged as a R3 steal... and never figured that the Steelers would take a shot at him (I figured that they'd go after a "big" ILB). I was very pleased when he was drafted. I see a career similar to that of London Fletcher (only with Pro-Bowl recognition... and, of course, Lombardis).
Spence has decent speed and quickness. He just lacks the height and size. With his injury I think there is some question if he comes back to 100%.

The thing that I find amusing is that some have Arthur Brown slated for the Steelers, but he is basically a similar player as Spence. If Spence can get healthy, he should pair up with Timmons inside.
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