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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Bradshaw could not spell CAT if they spotted him the C and the A. Hanratty and Gillom were both touted as better QBs then TB. Just a couple of he sentiments of the time. Terry did not put up outstanding numbers, his defense was arguably the greatest ever, his OL was loaded with HOFers, and his RBs and Wrs were some of the all time best, and he received more than his share of criticism. Terry was not truly loved til he was gone and then his career was appreciated by the media and the fans. I still love to see video when he threw the long ball,(the strongest part of his game IMO) it was a thing of beauty.

HOF OL??? He had one player that made it, Webster. While they developed in to a very productive unit, the last time I checked Pinney, Mullins, Davis, Clack, Kolb, Gravelle, and Courson, are not exatly locks for entry.

Terry did get a bad wrap because back in those days when you started out the season, it was all about getting your running attack going. You couldn't win in the NFL without it. His completion percentage early in his career was not good , and too many of his completions went to the wrong team.

Keep in mind, he was playing on a team that had only sniffed a playoff twice in 40 years of observation. Bradshaw was a high draft pick that was expected to make an impact, much like Joe Greene did the year before.

What they got was a loose cannon of a QB that needed seasoning. Well, Noll salted the crap out of Terry until he could count on him. Then he salted him some more....... No wonder he had bad recollections. He was practically pickled by the time Superbowl 9 came along.

As for exceptance in the Burgh, keep in mind, this was a town that never appreciated Roberto Clemente, who was an altime great, without a doubt the best player I've ever seen in over 55 years of following sports.
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