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Default Re: I'm OK with purging our aging/underproducing Stars

Sorry nobody replyed to this post.

As for replacements, you are going to get your wish this off season. I read anywhere from 15 to as many as 20 new faces for 2013. Not all of these are starters mind you, but it's going to be a huge influx personel.

To you point, some of these guys have been burried on the depth chart. Worilds is a classic example. I grant you that he doesn't have the up the field skills of Woodley ( of which we get to see maybe 3 or 4 times a game), overall, grades out better. Cortez Allen finally got a chance to shine and is going to be a good player for us. McCLendon is going to be a fine replacement for Hampton. So we have a few in the breech.

I wish I could say Hood has been a decent replacement for Smith, but he's been very disappointing, and Hayward has been very inconsitent, so it's hard to figure out what we got there when Hamp and Kies hang 'em up.

How do you replace a Troy Palamalu?? Well, we did. It took us about 4 games to get it down, but after the schock wore off, they played fairly well as a unit. The only really glaring deficiency in the secondary is I've never seen a collection of gifted athletes so skilled at fighting off a football like it's got the plague. They all must be severely nearsighted, with hands the size of quarters, and no thumbs.
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