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Default Re: OL coach possibility

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Gonzo could you elaborate on the Steelers OL blocking schemes for me? Why have the Steelers consistently drafted huge OL like Colon, Kemoeatu and Gilbert and not gone to a man/power blocking scheme more heavily?
They do run more of a Man blocking scheme. They mix in some zone, but not much. There seems to have been a perception that the Steelers ran a lot of ZBS when Zeirline was here and even Kuglers first couple seasons. I actually charted some games in the 2011 season and at times they ran less than 5 zone block runs per game.

They draft big guys and generally have some guards that can pull and trap. DeCastro, Pouncey are super athletic. Colon and Kemo moved very well for their size and Foster is adequate.

I like the makeup of the line, but am not sold on Beechum inside at 300 lbs, although his technique is good. He plays high and doesnt move his legs well after contact in the run game. Gilbert, Pouncey, DeCastro, Adams are a good 4 IMO.
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