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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Touchdowns scored by wide receivers over the last 4 years:

Mike Wallace 32
Calvin Johnson 33
Andre Johnson 23
Reggie Wayne 25
Roddy White 36
Wes Welker 26
Brandon Marshall 30
Vincent Jackson 29
Larry Fitzgerald 31

Who the hell cares where Wallace scores from? The point is he scores. It is better that he scores on long plays from outside the redzone. 2 receivers in the NFL have scored more touchdowns than Wallace in the last 4 seasons and most people don't want him resigned.


The ironic part is the same people who think Ben needs to throw the ball down the field more also want Wallace off the team. Wallace is the only viable deep threat on the team. No one in the league can get seperation like he can.

What does Wallace do after he scores a touchdown? Throws the ball to the ref and hops in the stands or celebrates with a teammate... seems like Steelers material to me. There were 30 players who dropped more passes than Wallace in 2012 did but only 2 who have caught more touchdowns over the last four years. You people need to get a grip.
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