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Default Re: I'm OK with purging our aging/underproducing Stars

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
So, based on that, the Steelers held these players like Farrior, Harrison, Taylor, Keisel, Hampton, Starks way too long. No one groomed to replace them so as their skills decline so does production. The fact we were the #1 defense means more time...NOTHING!!!!
Great post, except for this rubbish you have been trying to propogate around here the last few days.

Having the #1 defense meant that we finished 8-8, instead of much worse. Not sure how having a defense ranked #1 in yards means nothing to you. For the opposing team to score points-- they need to make yardage.

Other than this point of contention, good observations. I remember the angst back in the 90's when some of the names you mentioned were being aged out of the lineup.

The uncertainty is what hurts. When a proven vet steps down-- you have to have some faith in the guy behind him on the depth chart in order to move on.
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