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Default Re: Young Money Crew

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post

This guy sucks! He can't catch! He is terrible in the red zone! We need a #1 receiver!

I am sure if we dig hard enough-- we can find some great highlights of Trent Dilfer out there on the web too. The fact remains, Wallace's hands directly costed us at least one or two games this year.

He left at least 2 uncontested TDs out on the grass in the first Bengals game. He alligator armed catchable passes in other games, watching stupidly as the opposing defender swooped in for the interception.

If it were just this year, we could probably overlook it as him just having an off year. But his drops and short-armed attempts at catching the ball have costed us for several years now. Heck, his running the wrong route in SBXLV costed us that title too.
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