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Default Re: Roethlisberger gives a shit

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Funny thing is, Ben did bring us back many of times this season. He just had to do it over and over and over again. When defense's are BLOWING leads, that means our QB, who was a 3rd and long JUGGERNAUT in the first half of the season, was making plays and givin leads. It's hard to have late game magic 2-3 times a game. When it was pretty much a washed out season, did he make some bad throws? Of course, he deserves fault where fault is due, but without Roethlisberger, we are staring at a 4-5 win season.

Appreciate Ben. Before you know it.............
Trust me, I appreciate BB. There was no one happier in April 2004 than I was.

BUT... he is not without fault.

The Tennessee & the Oakland games are generally the games people point to, when they blame the defense. And, the defense deserves blame. BUT, so does the offense. In the Tennessee game, they had a blocked kick, and there were a couple of key fumbles in the Oakland game.

Most importantly, in order to seal the victory, in each of those games, BB needed to complete a third-down conversion. Not a long pass; not a TD; but, a simple third-down conversion. In both instances, BB overthrew (or overlooked) an open Heath Miller... which resulted in a punt, and the defense giving up the winning score. If those third-downs are completed, the defense never has to even walk onto the field.

Make sense?

The line between 8-1 and 6-3 is as simple as two throws... just as the line between 4-5 and 6-3 is as simple as BB bailing out the defense.
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