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Default Re: OL coach possibility

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I get a kick out of this thread. Most probably want to switch to a Zone Blocking system because its different than what we do....but most likely want to get rid of Mendenhall, despite the fact that he is the best back that has been on the roster to run a zone system.
It's that time of year, after a rough season. People are angry and thinking with their hearts. We can expect the next 5 to 6 months to be full of irrational notions and complaints on this message board.

I have been saying it for weeks-- getting rid of Mendenhall would be a bad move right now. He is the best fit, and the only legit #1 RB on our team right now, if he can get his attitude fixed and his head screwed on straight. I think Tomlin is the right man for that job....

We are not in any position to be looking for ANOTHER franchise RB this draft, with so many other areas of much greater need.

People have bagged on his "dancing around" for his entire tenure-- but you have to have a hole to hit first. Otherwise, you just end up running into the backs of your own blockers for a 2 yard loss, a.k.a Willie Parker during his last year with us.
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