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Default Re: Got to root for Ravens over Niners

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Don't compare the Patriots front 7 to the 49ers front 7. Vince Wilfork and Chandler Jones are very good, yes, but other than that, they're young and inexperienced. Aldon Smith and Justin Smith along with Bowman and Willis will be able to get to Flacco - don't kid yourself. They're going to have to adjust their gameplan to fit the pass rush that the 9ers possess or they're going to get their shit pumped.

I hope that Oher doesn't start at LT because Aldon Smith will take him on a date, make him pay for dinner and then bend him over at the end of it.
Ohers been playing rt.

I'm for the niners. I don't want to see Lewis preaching and cryin for 4 months. Th niners had 5 when we had 4 so I doesn't bother me they will have only tried us, it's not like there going for seven. As a steelers fan you can't want the ravens to win.
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