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Default Re: Keenan Lewis Worth 8 Million a Year?

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Has everyone gone retarded? Saying Lewis should get 8 million a season? The same guy who has spent a majority of his rookie contract on the bench? The same guy who wasnt guaranteed to make the roster prior to this season? The same guy who couldn't inseat William Gay? lol. A bad season brings about lots of delusionals. I'd consider 4 million.
Leading the league in pass defenses is a pretty good place to start. To your argument that he couldn't 'unseat Gay', well, no young guys get to play on defense, remember? This is LeBeau's system and, until the players decide it's time to stop playing, they're going to keep playing. It's a ridiculous and harmful ideology, but it's the one that Dick has implemented over recent years and it's part of the reason why we're in cap hell right now.

They progress over their initial three years, start their fourth year and play very, very well and then get lucrative deals. So, we're always behind the eight-ball when it comes to players starting and insist that the older guys play, despite the fact that they're often unproductive. In Keisel's case, they're made defensive Captain.

So, yes, Lewis was probably developing and could have been this good two years ago if given the chance but due to some misguided and flat out stupid sense of loyalty, he didn't get to play. Maybe we need some new life in our defensive staff and not hire Butler who is going to implement the exact same system and ideology that Dick has right now.

Rants over.

So, this does tie into Lewis because frankly, he played like a 7 million / year CB last year and deserves to be paid accordingly. Now, he just needs to work on his hands.
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