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Default Re: Texas: Shooting-du-jour

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
You need to get out more.

Yeah lets ban all guns so we can be just like Mexico, a giant gun free zone.
I get out more than enough, and trust me, in LA if the guns come out there's only one reason, and it ain't for fun.

As for Mexico, really? You picked a country falling apart at the seams to make your point? Yes, let's use Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico to make our points here. Pick some other countries not in the middle of a war. You can even stay in the same neighborhood. Let's compare El Salvador (with almost no gun laws at all), Nicaragua (with comprehensive registration laws) and Costa Rica (with what you would consider draconian gun bans).

Let's put on our **IMAGINATION** caps and see if we can guess what sorts of gun homicide rates we will find in each of those countries if we were to look closely.

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