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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by wootawnee View Post
The Raiders probably had a better O-line than the Steelers in the 70's-80's...
Debatable. Upshaw and Shell with Otto and Dalby @ center were formiddable no doubt. Iit was the other two on the right side that typically not quite as good. The way our lines worked was quite a bit different .

Raiders ran the power plays, and sweeps, while we ran the quick traps and counters. Our line play was much more intricate and timing was critical more so that the Raiders.

One other point of consideration was that the Raiders were a right handed running to take advantage of Upshaw pulling ability. The Steelers were left handed to take advantage of Gerry Mullins pulling.

What made us dangerous was with Davis @ LG, we could run the the traps to both sides of center, and flip flop the counters as well, so the defense couldn't stack one side or the other.

Speaking of linemen, two of my alltime favorite Steeler plays:

The first is Franco's rushing TD in SuperBowl 9 off of Mullin's cut block outside the left tackle box with a very difficult angle t land. Very impressive considering Mullins was playing RG.

The second his Harris TD run up the gut in SperBowl 13. You might remember is at the one where the ref got in the way? Check out RT Ray Pinney here, as he pulls out a head of Franco. The reason the Ref got in the way was he was about to get steamrolled by Pinney and was ducking.

As for Cliff Harris or Charlie Waters ( can remember which), even if that ref wasn't "In the Way" as he still moans about it , Pinney would have launched him into next Tuesday. Finally, notice just how fast Pinney got to the B gap ahead of a sprinting Franco.
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