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Default Re: Steelers will select 17th in 2013 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I found this mock. Now, bleacherreport tends to do a LOT of mocks (one per day), with a wide assortment of players being drafted in each version; so, take this with a grain of salt. Regardless, this is interesting.

I find the following picks to be very good/interesting:

R1: Vaccaro, SS, Texas
I like Elam, but Vaccaro is 1-a. Thus, I am a fan of this pick.

R2: Ertz, TE, Stanford
I've asked: if the Steelers are planning on drafting a big WR, why not go for a TE instead? I've also averred that if Ertz drops to them in R2, he'd be difficult to pass on. This is a very intriguing pick.
Ertz may not last to our pick in the 2nd round is my main concern. I said before I like him or Eifert (I can't really distinguish much between the two) as the Steelers first pick. Again, it may be possible to trade down somewhat in the first round to get one of these two. We probably would not be able to get Vaccaro or Elam in the 2nd round as it stands now, but we could get one of the other top guys.

But yeah I really Iike getting a safety and tight end if it's Ertz or Eifert with our first two picks. I believe Ertz or Eifert would contribute immediately. Either one is better than our tight end backups. Either would start if Heath isn't back to start the season. When Heath is back, we could and should run more two tight end plays, especially in the red zone. If we get Ertz or Eifert, a big WR is less of a concern.
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