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Default Re: Texas: Shooting-du-jour

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
As far as the government coming in guns a-blazing to take guns away from citizens, I don't recall the bloodbath when totalitarian Australia instituted their laws. In fairness to your point, I suspect that Attorneys General - like Janet Reno - will always get woodies flexing their muscles in compound/weapons cache situations like Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Going back to the Australian situation, I think it speaks to Mom's point in that they had a buy-back program that targeted handguns, for the reasons Mom cites. Getting rocket launchers off the streets might me a no-brainer, but if no one is committing crimes with rocket launchers then it's kind of pointless.

The guns need to go away. People should learn to be braver and more creative with their psychoses, and I'm confidant that Americans will rise to the occasion and find exciting new ways to kill each other, even if it has to be at a dramatically slower pace.

Regarding fighting government tyranny, that's what organizing is for. Guns work at cross-purposes to organizing efforts. No one wants to hang out with people toting guns. Something about them makes people skittish for some unknown reason.
To your last point, about people with guns not wanting to hang out together...I call BS. We hang out together at gun ranges, and gun shows all the time, no problems (well, except for some random, and atypical accidents like happened last week...but that can be addressed easily). I've never once feared for my life when going out to do some target shooting.

We are not Iceland (or I should say, we don't have Iceland's gov't). If we ever plan to overthrow our gov't, it's not going to be with pots and pans lol. And you're right...we have staved off nothing. And efforts to do so have been small, unorganized, and ineffective. My point still stands though. You're utopian dream of fixing our gov't with words isn't going to happen either, or else it would have been fixed a long time ago. It's just the way it is with tyrannical superpowers.
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