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Default Re: Mr. Rooney, Call the Jets owner, he wants to trade Revis

For arguments sake, let's say we do trade for him and he gets a lucrative 5 year / 55 million dollar deal. So, now he's a member of the Steelers but his huge cap hit is going to dig us deeper into an already bad situation to be in. What do we do?

First things first, say goodbye to Harrison, Keisel, Hampton, Foote, Will Allen, Ryan Mundy, Sylvester and, as much as it hurts to say, Troy.

That clears a ton of cap space up. Now, I can already hear what you're going to say 'But SteelersCanada, what about the lack of depth!' which is fair, but it comes with an easy solution: draft well.

Say our draft looks like this ... (bold designates stater)

R1. Dion Jordan
R2. Tony Jefferson
R3. David Amerson
R4. Nico Johnson
R5. Knile Davis
R6. Ray Graham
R7. John Sullen

Depth at FS and SS, with starters at ILB, OLB and RB. Depth is also provided at OG and RB behind Knile Davis should anything happen. Now, what's more important is the fact that they're coming cheap and this would ultimately let us trade for Revis.

It's not impossible, we just have to get rid of our older guys and let younger guys play for us to acquire him.
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