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Default Re: Flacco to be looking for $20M !!

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
In my opinion, the best NFL QB's go in this order *as of now*

P. Manning
E. Manning
RG3 (He's a badass ok?)

Notice how the players above Flaccid Dick don't make that money?
I don't necessarily disagree with your list entirely, but if we are going off of value as of today and not based on their career, then I would have to put P. Manning and Big Ben below Flacco. They are old and banged up.

Also, in that list, who is in a contract year? Flacco. Also, of that list, who is still playing the 2012 season? Just Flacco.

I am predicting we will see somewhere in the area of 6 yrs $80M.
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