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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

Originally Posted by CTSxViper View Post
I knew in typical fashion you would dance around this, and you are on Ravens boards, I've seen your posts. I'm in the NFL section here, not Steelers and have a right to comment in this thread. You better read up further on Ben's rape charges. His high profile and $ helped him avoid 3 different rape charges. Obviously he's a loser in his personal life or has been at different times. Rape? Give me a break. One charge, maybe a lie, But three? If you are so stupid to think he had no part or was not in any way wrong in any of them, then you can live in your fantasy world. He was suspended for 6 games so obviously the NFL was disturbed by his conduct. Ray Lewis deserves the recognition for his achievements and professionalism in the NFL. And if he choses to be thankful and emotional, so be it.
So, I'm not on Ravens' boards but nice try.

What am I dancing around? I answered everything directly.

Yep, he was accused of rape which is a very serious accusation. You seem to know more than the police, though, because you have very in-depth knowledge of the situation that Ben was in. Man, you should go to the police with this knowledge you have.

Rape is a serious accusation, but so is murder. I'm done with this thread because this is getting ridiculous. The double-standard that you're talking about is laughable. Ben wasn't convicted and there was absolutely 0 evidence that a crime was committed, but Ray was convicted and threw his buddies under the bus to avoid a murder charge.

Me guessing about Ray's murder charge is about as accurate as you guessing about Ben's rape charge. How about we let this thing go, ya?
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