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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Okay, I am not going to defend Roethlisberger's past but let's make things clear here. He was never charged with rape. Accused, yes but there is a difference. Anyhow, I think it's pretty funny that Welker's wife is ripping on Lewis for the multiple kids with multiple women thing considering her husband's QB did the same exact thing. Personally, I find Ray Lewis annoying. Respect his talents as a great ILB but I don't like his act. It's not only because he's a Raven. I mean part of it I admit is personal bias which is inevitable in topics like these but I do think it's silly too. Okay, seeing that you guys agreed to let it go and I will too.
Respect your opinion, and thanks. I do think he is a little over dramatic, but I am not in his head or feeling what he is feeling. But I agree and appreciate your post.. Thanks!
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