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Default Re: Ray Lewis should have to watch the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
the OP's got a point. back to back games with penalties like that there could be a warning or fine. I hate the new rules mostly because of the inconsistency, also add to the fact that a lot of the hits occur because the offensive player lower's there own head.
I agree with everything you said except that the OP has a point. He did get flagged for bogus PFs, which could have resulted in a suspension. They were completely bogus, as you can see he is leading with the shoulder, not the helmet.

The shoulder makess contact first in both of this hits. Unfortunately, if my 1st grade anatomy serves me, the shoulder is connected pretty closely to the head, and where the shoulder goes the head follows.

When you hit a man in the chest with your shoulder, his momentum is going to cause his head to whip forward and down, driving his chin to his chest. When that happens your helmets are going to touch, no question, every single time. In real time it is impossible to distinguish head or shoulder first, so they just kind of whip the flag out for any hit that looks hard, as long as you are not a running back, which is a whole different hypocrisy.
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