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Default Re: Best 2013 Salary Cap Options

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
The contracts that we gave Harrison and Troy were foolish. A 35 and a 31 year old with cap hits both over 10 million dollars but no one is talking about Troy because, well, he's Troy.

Before we criticize Woodley, let's remember that Troy was equally as unproductive this year as LaMarr. If you're going to complain about Woodley's cap hit, complain about Troy's first. 10 million for a guy that had a hoodie and a headset on isn't worth it.
You're right but nobody is questioning Troy if he's 100%. I don't know about Woodley after this year. Don't say I'm in that group, but the general trust belongs more to Troy then LaMarr.

My approch would be cutting rather Keisel and try anything to keep Harrison here, because he is a key factor in this defense definitly more then Keisel. And we have a very good replacement option for him in Heyword, who we have to start in 2013.
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