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Default Re: Mr. Rooney, Call the Jets owner, he wants to trade Revis

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Sorry, man. I see what you're saying, but I am going to have to pass on this. Again, I dreamed of Revis-Taylor as much as anyone else... but, I think Keenan-Cortez is the future.

Oh... and you mentioned a player worth trading for, and worth $16 million. Why not trade for AP??? I am serious. Why not? Cut a ton fo people, trade a R1 & R2 pick for him, and this team would dominate.
Oh no doubt, but I don't even think I'd play Revis with Taylor. I think I go Revis and Allen because we don't have the option to resign Lewis if we were to go ahead and grab him. Even then, I'm conflicted. I wouldn't ever cut Taylor, so ya, apparently I'd have to go Revis - Taylor as our CBs.

I think that if we let our Safeties walk and/or retire, don't resign Lewis, let Foote and friends walk then we'd be significantly under the cap. That leaves us room to bring on Revis. I'd only entertain a trade with the Jets if there was already a deal on the table that he was willing to accept for around 5 years.

If AP became available there isn't a player on this team I wouldn't give up for him - let's put it that way.
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