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Talking Re: Mr. Rooney, Call the Jets owner, he wants to trade Revis

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
If your shopping and you see a bone in NY Strip Steak for 6.99 a pound and a boneless Strip Steak for 9.99 a pound which do you take?

Keenan Lewis for 7-8 million a year or Revis for 9-10 million a year?

Posters are right about the cap in a few years. No Troy, Ryan Clark, James Harrison, Casey Hampton, Ike Taylor. The possibilities of not resigning Hood or trading or releasing Woodley if he has another bad year or someone shows more behind him leaves money to spend. This team is getting younger which equals more cap space. If we don't get Revis this year we can at least shoot for it when he is a UFA.

One thing for sure a trade would have to include a new long term contract and we would have to give up a #1 pick.
Apparently you know nothing about Revis. If by some slim chance he signs a contract as low as 10 mill if he has a good year next year you better believe he will hold out for more. That's what he's done since he's been in the league he's a huge asshole and tell me what team has won the Super Bowl in the last ten years with the best cb in the league. It's a huge waste of money that is the easiest position to take out of the game just don't throw to his guy. A pass rusher is so much more valuable and destructive to the opponent. Anyone who signs him for his money is stupid
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