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Default Re: defense next year

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
No way spence is a safety. Although I'm not sold on him either only because he had a redshirt year so to speak but he's listed on the steelers website as 231lbs, foote is listed as 239lbs and farrior when he played was 240 or less through the season. I'm sure with the strength training program, he will be around what foote is coming into training camp.

Like I said I'm not sold on him either that's just cause he hasn't played( I think he will contribute once he can show what he can do ), but don't say he's to small and that's why you don't think he can play.

Nico Johnson would not be the answer , he is terrible in coverage, good to stop the run but bad in coverage, and we all want someone next to Timmons that can cover to free Timmons from those responsibilities.
That's a good point. Them working together as a unit is going to be the key. They''ll be able to be more creative and hopefully more aggressive leading to turnovers.
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