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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

The thing with Lewis is if, and I mean if he is a changed man then he should come clean about what happened the night two men lost their lives. What happened to his white suit? He was charged not just accused as in the case of Ben, who BTW had tests done to try and prove rape and all tests were inconclusive or negative. If he is truly a born again man then "do the right thing" and give those grieving families some closure. I just respect a man like Tebow who does his thing low key, and so far has held up under media scrutiny. Lewis is so far over the top that quite frankly he sickens my stomach. His act is done more for the camera than anything else, at least the fired up dance and speech. You dont like my opinions of your superstar than don't come on a Steeler board. I still give him props as a top 5 Lber maybe even #2 behind LT, never going to like him as a person.
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