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Default Re: Anyone worth Trading?

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
Ike? No
Harrison? Yes
Woodley? Maybe (but leaning no since he's still early in his career)
Troy? Sentimental value, but can't pick with my heart. Yes
Keisel? Yes
Hood? NO
Heyward? NO

we need to keep the younger players in that list at the very least, they will be carrying the torch until the end of the decade. Hood / Heyward are out of the question. Ike is still a key piece to this defense and we will need him at least for another year.

Kiesel is great but sooner or later, it's heyward's turn, and he's waited for 2 years now. he definitely knows the system and his assignments by now. ziggy has played pretty well, but people are disappointed that he's not aaron smith. news flash, aaron smith wasn't a good player, he was GREAT, you cannot replace great.

harrison & troy, i LOVE those guys. with that said, they are at the wrong ends of their careers. We can't afford to keep paying them the kind of money we are and expect them to produce like they did years ago.

Woodley is a guy who needs to get hooked up with a professional trainer. He is a monster when he's in shape, but he appears to be lazy in the offseason. Because of his age and potential, i would be willing to give him another chance, but not without lighting a fire under him in the offseason
I think the Rooneys and the coaching staff let sentimental value get in the way of a lot of decisions on the team.
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