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Default possible Wallace landing spots?

Ok, guys. I'm tired of reading in virtually every thread (even unrelated Wallace threads somehow morph into Wallace somehow...) about how he sucks, how he loafs, we're not going to pay him, etc, etc, etc.

Bottom line, the team has pretty much said everything that points to "there's no way we're re-signing this guy.." without exactly saying it (because they can't).
He's likely 99% gone - plus, oh yeah, we don't have the money anyways. No question there will be a team (or teams) who will offer up much more than we can or will.

So : for some fun, where do YOU think he might end up?

Minnesota Vikings : just in the last couple days, they've stated they really need to add another long threat to their passing game. Christian Ponder needs another target badly and they'll be looking at options (draft, trades, free agents)

GB Packers : Likely losing Jennings and desperately need another receiver for Aaron Rogers. Big problem though in regards to "expensive" guys : they're looking at very serious cap issues (like we are)

Oakland Raiders?

San Diego Chargers : would love to have another target for Philip Rivers. Its time they give him all the weapons to make him elite and get to a SB or they will have to move on with their future.
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