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Default Re: Hines Ward sucks!!!

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Considering the onslaught of irrational threads, I figured that we should keep all of those acerbic and/or inane ramblings located in one nice, (un)friendly thread.

Worst team ever!!! post it here.

Dick BeLeau's defense is not even average; it's bad!!! post it here.

I am embarrassed by The Rooneys!!! post it here.

The Ravens now own the Steelers!!! post it here.

Aqib Talib or Pac-Man Jones is the answer!!! post it here.

The 4-3 is on its way!!! post it here.
If you believe Ben is being "hand cuffed" post here.
If you believe the Rooney's play "too close to the vest" post here.
If you believe yinzers are causing global warming post here
If you believe the Haley plays "Marty ball" post here.
If you believe Mendy is a member of Al Qaeda post here
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