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Default Re: Steelers Sunday Spotlight: Running back / Help wanted

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
The thing wih most of those backs like Bernard, randle, even Franklin, they have the tendencies to bounce it outside a lot. Which is what a lot of people disliked about mendenhall. And the steelers want some one to run north south most of th time with speed. Taylor and ball did this well in college but Taylor has the speed as maybe a little more of Dwyer not beak away speed and ball has some speed but not great I wanna see his 40 time and if its in the 4.4 or very most 4.5 I would be happy with drafting ball.

Also watch th senior bowl this week. Franklin a guy i like has been working on running up the middle and not bouncing so much, also barner is looking to be around 200 at the combine and is also working on going up th middle and showing scouts he has strength to fight of blockers. Also Gillesie from Florida hesbeenrunning north south with speed and only carried the ball like 380 times in college so doesn't have a heavy workload on him
Gillislee is my favorite RB in this draft
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