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Default Re: defense next year

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
So London fletcher is a bad linebacker because he is 5-10 Zach Thomas was all bad because he was 5-11. Drew Bree's, russel Wilson, Doug flute, were to small to be good at Qb. Wes walker being 5-9 same as Steve smith make them bad receivers because wr should be 6-0 taller as well. Bob sanders, Antonio Winfield, are 5-8 5-9 safeties that's should be to small as well right?

Don't judge a player based on his height and weight because it was proven to be wrong every year with players not being the prototypical size and height and being great.

We have seen spence only in preseason his rookie year in limited time. And no 10 pounds wouldn't hinder the fact that he can cover. Also to the point of weight I can find the article so take this for what you want but farrior has said during the season he would be around 230 that was his playing weight.
Another player in this draft I like that's getting over looked because of his size is DB Nigel Malone ... all he does is make plays, someone I would look at in the 6th or 7th
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